Monday, August 27, 2007

No Child Left Behind

Well, it's one week later and Miss Sassy Pants finally gets to attend her VERY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER!! I went in her bedroom this morning and asked her, "What is today, Abby?" She yelled excitedly, "It's my first day of school!" Suddenly, a panicked look crossed her face and I worried this was when she would change her mind about the fabulousness of it all and I asked her what was wrong. "Mama, don't forget my juice (long pause) and PLEASE don't forget my milk!" I guess hydration should be everyone's first concern when it is 137 degrees outside.

She had a great day. No tears. In fact, I barely got a kiss before she charged onto the playground to run around with all the other 2 year olds. When I picked her up from school I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and was expecting to hear about storytime or painting or music. Instead she said, "Orange bubblegum. My teacher give me orange bubblegum and I chew it, chew it, chew it. I love it!" Seemed like that kind of thing would be a choking hazard, but that's what I get when I throw my two year old out into the world...
Another first for the twinkle toes happened last week - her first ballet class. Oh heavens, sweet mercy. I have dreamed of having a little girl and dressing her up and sending her off to dance class for as long as I can remember and this experience did not disappoint. She was thrilled to wear the outfit and the shoes and she loved every minute of her dance class. There was ballet and tumbling and long ribbons and musical instruments and there will be tap next week - it's all too much joy to hold inside!

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Tara said...

No child left behind indeed! Such excitement for your two-going-on-twenty year old. I love it.