Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Y'all, It Was Bad Enough to Take Some Nyquil

And, that's pretty bad because me and Nyquil - we do NOT get along. Not since the hallucination incident of 1993. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

It all started Wednesday afternoon - a headache, sore throat, sore/achy muscles - the "oh no, I can tell I'm starting to get sick" thing. Thursday morning - same thing but each symptom a lot worse. By Thursday afternoon my mom was at my house, I was on the floor shaking with the chills and a 101 degree fever. Called the in-laws for reinforcements for Friday because I already knew there was no way I would be able to take care of my children. Straight to bed when Matt got home (with a Percocet courtesy of an unnamed source).

I stayed in bed all day Friday - hurting too much to even watch TV. Just laying in the darkened room and hoping the kids were behaving. The percocet was helping a little but not enough, and the headache had turned into a migraine and the fever was now 102 degrees. My mom and sister convinced me I needed to head to the ER for some serious meds and my mom got me there at 11:30pm. Thankfully, we were called back quickly and I was hooked up to some morphine which did nothing for the migraine. Strep test - negative, mono test - negative, ear infection - negative, urinary tract infection - negative, CT scan - negative. Next step was Delaudin for the pain and that finally put me to sleep so at least I wasn't aware of the constantpaininmyhead. The doctor came in to inform me that he had to do a spinal tap since I was exhibiting 4 of the 5 symptoms for meningitis.


That too, was negative. They gave me another dose of Delaudin and then my little brother picked me up at 5:30am in the pouring rain. I was more than a little drugged. He said it was kind of like I had Tourette's.


He took me back to my mom's house for a day of recovery (with more prescribed medication). My mom had to work that day, but this is what happens when I'm at home and I lay down on the floor for a bit of rest from the PAIN THAT IS IN MY HEAD!!!

Doesn't exactly have the same effect that the Delaudin did.
Anyway, fast forward to tonight. All is better except for a pesky cold that I have generously shared with my poor, poor son. We cannot stop coughing.
Seriously. Cannot. Stop. Coughing.
So desperate am I for sleep that I turn to my old enemy - NyQuil. This stuff makes me hallucinate and it tastes downright awful (Matt insists the liquid works better than the pills). I took it and slept for about five hours. It has since worn off and now the coughing prevents sleep. So, it's 4am and Drew and I have been up for hours now. The only sounds in our house are coughing, typing, and Curious George as the rest of the world sleeps because the annoying, constant, painful, constant, head-hurting, constant coughing is not keeping them awake.
Sweet Dreams...

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Tara said...

The hallucination incident of 1993? Let's not forget the summer of 1996...Towne Parc, Dominique Moceanu and the Magnificent Seven, and the cold that lasted the entire Summer B semester. I never saw anyone wear more sweatpants. :)