Saturday, October 13, 2007

There's Been Some Confusion Over the Subject

Lately, Drew has been really into knowing the days, the month, and the seasons - among a trillion other things...

Drew: Today is Tuesday.
Me: Yes, it's Tuesday, Drew.
Drew: But, what comes after Tuesday....and when is Saturday...daddy stays home Saturday.
Me: Wednesday is next - then Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Drew: And, it's October!
Me: It sure is Drew. What holiday is in October?
Drew: Halloween!
Me: That's right!
Drew: Is it fall?
Me: Yes, it's fall.
Drew: Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter. What is your favorite season Mama? And, why is it hot in Fall? Is it really still summer? It's so hot!
Me: It is fall and it is hot. Sometimes in Florida it stays hot for a long time, but it will get cooler soon.
Drew: Yes, I live in Florida. On Earth. Not in California. Daddy went to California on a plane far away. But, I'm on Earth. I hope I don't fall into outer space. Will you keep me safe so I stay on Earth? I don't think I like outer space.
Me: I'll always keep you safe, baby.
Drew: But, it's hot so it's not fall!
Me: Well, it really is fall but it just stays hot here for a long time.
Drew: Ok, so it's fallsummer.
Me: Fallsummer?
Drew: Yes. It's fall but hot so it's fallsummer. I hope it's not hot for halloween. I go at night and say trick or treat. I like to go outside at night. But is has to be fall to be halloween. Why is it so hot? Is it really summer, Mama? Tell me.
Me: Well, like I said, it stays hot here in Florida longer. But, I promise - it's fall.
Drew: Like summer? Oh, I know mama, just fallsummer.

Sure, ok. Whatever will end this cycle of conversation.

And, your welcome for that mind-numbing trip into the world of talking to a preschooler all day long. It's surreal.

But, he's right about one thing. It's mid-October and the weather is still hitting the mid to upper 90's with a humidity of 749%. I'm sooooo ready for a break from this oppressive heat - it makes me even crankier than usual.

Yesterday, however, we were getting in the car to take Drew to school. He walked around the back of the car, stopped mid-step, and exclaimed "Mama, IT'S FALL!!!!" I went out to the driveway to stand next to him, and sure enough, it was actually cool and crisp outside. Gorgeous. I anxiously awaited for the temperature to adjust on my car thermometer to see if we had made it into the 60's. Disappointingly, it stopped on 70. Maybe next week....

Abby and I came home and played outside - sidewalk chalk, catch, bubbles, big wheel, scooter, took a walk, etc. and we were loving every minute of actually being able to play outside without needing medical treatment for heat exhaustion.

I do take full credit for this recent turn of weather. This week I was fed up with Florida's refusal to accept that it is truly fall, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and do a "fall - type" craft to inspire the change of seasons. I took the kids for a walk to collect leaves that we later took home and painted. They had fun and I felt super-crafty and super-satisfied with myself for the rest of the day for being such a creative mom. Except I got the idea from one of Drew's teachers.

Details, details...

Here are some pictures from the day -

Too much fun!

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Anonymous said...

I love hearing about the adventures of supermom and her two little sidekicks...keep up the blogging!

Uncle Austin