Saturday, July 21, 2007

1,460 Days

Happy Birthday Andrew Joseph!!
(Yes, I know it was yesterday - we were a little busy!)

1,460 days is how long it takes to grow from this...

to this

and from this....

to this!

Happy, Happy Day my sweet boy!


The Pollocks said...

Great post dude! Very good idea...may have to steal it. That boy is going to be 7 feet tall. Billy D will be in your family room trying to convince him to play for the Gators in about 13 years.

Anonymous said...

I cant get enough of your blog information. I love reading them. What great stories the children will have when they become adults. Get some more pictures of you and Matt with them and put them on the blog. They will treasure these forever. Wish I had something like this with my mother.

Aunt Ellen