Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Independence Day

Continuing with the summer recap...

My festive children were so excited for the 4th of July this year! Lovin' their red, white and blue!

We had plans to go hang with the Patterson family during the day. Pool, food, and some sparklers - nothing fancy, just wanted to enjoy the day together.

We stopped by the store on the way to their house. We went in to buy sparklers and came out with this...

Drew was understandably thrilled.

As soon as we got there, we got ready for the pool. Drew's favorite thing about their pool is this cute basketball set. It kept the boys entertained for a long time!

Mr. Paul spent a long time setting up the slip n slide. I remember having so much fun with the slip n slide when I was a kid. I think I must have been a bit older than these guys though because they couldn't quite get the hang of it!

Miss Marci demonstrated the proper technique, but I think she would discontinue our friendship if I posted that photo on the world wide interweb.

Abby did pretty well...

But it wasn't nearly as much fun as the pool.

So, we headed back to the pool to enjoy some popsicles!

After we ate, we went outside to try out the fireworks. It was still light outside, but it gets dark late here in the summer and we wanted to be able to try out the fireworks with our friends!

Abby's first sparkler...

Drew did great with his first sparkler. They really loved it!

And didn't seem scared at all!

Our daddy set off all of the other fireworks in the street. It didn't matter that it was the middle of the day - the kids still loved it!

This picture of Abby and Sherilyn is one of my favorites from that day!

They had so much fun. You've got to love the perspective of a little kid - even small fireworks are a big deal to them! They were super-impressed!

Drew, Sherilyn, Abby, and John are best buds - they get along so well together. And that made this a wonderful 4th of July!

We headed home before dark because the kids were getting tired. They had their baths and we told them they could stay up late to see the "real" fireworks.

Poor Abby just couldn't make it much past her regular bedtime. She was exhausted from our fun day.

Abby might have missed the beautiful fireworks, but Drew was still wide awake. He went outside with Daddy in his pajamas and Crocs while I stayed inside with Abby.

When they got back, he wanted to take me outside to show me the fireworks. We walked around the neighborhood as he pointed at the sky and ooohed and aaahed at the colorful displays. It was so much fun to watch it through his eyes. I remember trying to take a mental picture of the amazement in his expressions and the feeling of his sweet hand in mine as we walked along the sidewalk.

Precious memories with a precious little boy...

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