Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's Go Swimming!

Before it started raining all day, every day - like the kind of rain that makes you think you might have moved to Seattle but can't actually remember packing any boxes kind of rain - we were swimming almost every day. Summer arrived early in Central Florida (as it often does) and the only appropriate outside activity is swimming. Otherwise, I would surely melt.

Thankfully, all of the money and tears invested in swim lessons the past few summers have produced children who love to swim and are good at it!

During a recent visit with Grandma and Grandpa, we visited their community pool. It was a perfect afternoon. Well, except for the swarms of love bugs that followed us wherever we went. It was beyond crazy.

Helpful tip: it appears love bugs do not so much enjoy the swimming pool. So, we were safe while we played and swam the afternoon away...

These kiddos LOVE to jump in the pool! Their energy is quite impressive.

They also loved this fountain that was in the middle of the pool. Can you tell??

Grandma is so much fun! She invents cute games for the kids and is always willing to go along with the funny ideas they come up with on their own.

She sure looks happy, doesn't she?

But don't forget about Grandpa...

He's pretty fun too!

What a fun afternoon at the pool!

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