Saturday, May 16, 2009

Egypt Is Farther Away Than You Think

Last weekend, we traveled to Tampa to celebrate Mother's Day. I really cannot imagine that anything would have made Grandma happier than having all of her grandchildren with her to celebrate! All of her children and grandchildren in one place on a day dedicated to moms - perfection!

We really did have a wonderful day. Matt had the kids make cards for me this year. I had thrown a few hints his way that I would prefer handmade cards. There is just nothing more precious than their handwriting and knowing that they wrote exactly what they were thinking. As you can tell in this next picture, I loved Drew's card! I also love how proud he looks as I am reading it!

Abby wrote on the front of the card she made for me and she signed her name on the inside. However, Matt had to write the message because it was too long for her to write. It read, "I love Mommy all the way to Egypt and the ocean. She's the bestest in the whole wide world."

I told her that I couldn't believed she loved me ALL the way to Egypt. She solemnly nodded her head and added, "I do love you all the way to Egypt. It's where the pyramids live."

They each had a gift for me. Daddy had taken them into the playroom the day before so they could help wrap their presents. When they were finished, I went into the playroom to put a few things away. There was still tape and wrapping paper on the floor. I teased them, "Hey! What's all this wrapping paper doing on the floor?"

Drew didn't miss a beat, "Oh, don't worry Mom. We are wrapping presents for Father's Day." Abby chimed in, "Yeah, Father's Day. We had to get Daddy some presents. Don't worry, it's not for Mother's Day."

They gave me lots of scrapbooking paper and stickers. Drew's was all for baseball and Abby's was all for dance. Love it!

Thanks, honey, for making my Mother's Day so special!

We had to get a picture with all the Moms!

Uncle Joe used the leftover paper to "wrap" Abby up as a gift! She loved it and then Drew wanted to be wrapped up too!

These two precious little people really are the BEST Mother's Day present I could have ever asked for.

I love them all the way to Egypt...and back.

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