Sunday, March 2, 2008

One Step Closer to Early Retirement

It's important in life to have a plan. A plan gives you a sense of direction, goals you would like to attain, something to strive for amidst the chaos of daily living. Matt and I came up with a great plan early in our marriage.

It's brilliant. However, I have to warn you that it can't work for everyone. So, don't go tryin' to steal our plan.

We decided to have children.

What kind of plan is that? Well, let me tell you my vertically challenged readers. That is a plan developed and carefully thought out by some very tall people.

We weren't at all surprised to discover that our first child would be a boy. It was all part of the plan. The early retirement plan.

Drew has been off the charts - greater than 100% in all documentation of his height. It is clear that this child is destined to be a professional basketball player in the NBA.

That is, after four glorious years of playing college ball for Billy Donovan and our beloved Gators.

Then, he will be drafted into the NBA and a long plan will come to fruition. He will make millions, and Matt and I will retire early.

Honestly, it makes financial planning kind of seem like a joke.

Clearly, we are not the only ones who recognize greatness in our son. We went to MGM Studios on Friday and ESPN was broadcasting a special event throughout the weekend. We got our seats for the parade and they announced that the Harlem Globetrotters would be leading the parade.

We were enjoying the entertainment along with everyone else when one of the players pulled Drew out into the street. I made a mad dash for the camera as he high-fived all the players. One of the guys started to do a trick and then this guy (the one looking straight into my camera) said, "Hey man! Turn him around so his mama can see him." So, thanks, Mr. Harlem Globetrotter!

He tosses the ball up into the air...

And then he helps Drew spin it on his finger! That ball kept spinning and spinning - no kidding, it was awesome!

I'm telling you - the kid has natural talent.

Click on this picture to see it larger - that ball is really on Drew's finger!

More high-fives for everyone and then they had to continue on with the parade.

Drew loved every single second of it. He had a HUGE smile on his face. "I love playing basketball with those guys, mama! Did you see me spin the ball on my finger? That was so cool! They pick me to play ball with them in the street! I want to do it again!"

It was such fun to see Drew jump up with those guys and have such an awesome experience.

Almost as much fun as realizing that this plan of ours really could work... early retirement - here we come!!

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Tara said...

Look at your sweet Drew! So talented!