Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweet as Sugar

They really are...

just sweet as sugar.

And, the best part is they are totally sweet on each other too!

These kids seriously love each other. They are best friends, buddies, teammates, and co-conspirators. They protect each other, stand up for each other, and help each other. They hug and kiss and wrestle and snuggle. And, lately, they don't even bicker that much. Much less than I would expect from a four year old and two year old anyway. They don't always listen to their parents, but they communicate clearly with each other. I guess that's something...
They are so sweet when they are reunited after a long day at school. Drew was with me a few weeks ago when I picked Abby up from preschool and he had all the adults in the room a little teary-eyed when he hugged Abby sweetly and told her, "I miss you so much today, Abby. I so glad we are together again." And, Abby is the same when we drop Drew off at school in the morning. She always wants a hug and a kiss goodbye. And she tells him, "Be good boy, Drew. I miss you but I see you soon and we play."
Melt, melt melt...

Drew made this Valentine frame for me at school. I was at his school for a meeting today and the lady told me we might see Drew and asked if that was ok. "Yes," I told her, "I'll definitely need to squeeze him." He came in the room about an hour later and he was so surprised to see me. He asked, "What are you doing here, mama?" I told him I was telling the lady all of the wonderful things about him. He smiled brightly and said, "Wow! Thanks, mama!" He then turned to the lady who had brought him into the room and said, "This is my mommy. She takes care of me when I'm at home." Then he turned back to me kissed my lips and hugged me hard before he said, "Well, mama - I really, really love you but I need to go back to class now."
I'm tellin' you - sweet as sugar.

And, these are Abby's sweet little handprints that make the shape of a heart. There is really no end to the crafts these preschool teachers can create with their adorable, little hands. Abby's enthusiasm for this special day created by Hallmark was remarkable. She LOVED the candy, LOVED the cookies, LOVED the valentines, LOVED the special outfit, and LOVED the fact that every. single. person. she knew asked her to be their valentine.
Hope your Valentine's Day was as sweet as ours!

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Tara said...

What fun! Love her "heart prints" and her little pink shoes.