Saturday, December 22, 2007

In Which There Is Much Harmony

For all the harmony, scroll down to the video of my sweet children singing their favorite Christmas carols. In the meantime, here are some pictures of our Christmas celebration with Grandaddy, Nessa, and assorted Aunts and Uncles.

Are there even words to describe the joy in my heart when I look at this picture? I think not...

As most of you know, it wasn't long ago that Grandaddy won his battle over cancer. He's healthy and happy and in love with his grandchildren.

I had to post these pictures because Grandaddy added my website to his IPhone today and I know he'll be checking for pictures ALL THE TIME!! Welcome to the century of the technology, dear Grandaddy!

There has been a development in the competition for "favorite uncle." Uncle Adam introduced us all to the newest member of the family today, little puppy Cara. (or is it Kara? these are facts I should be checking before posting on the internet). Anyway, the kids were ecstatic and they both told me that their favorite part of the day today was playing with the new puppy (despite much present opening). Uncle Austin continually reminded them that he takes them to Disney World, but the sweetness of their little furry friend won out today.

Here's Uncle Adam with the adorable puppy who had been worn out by my extremely playful and affectionate kids!

And now, finally, the Christmas carols!!

Joy to the world, my friends. Joy to the world.

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Tara said...

They are very cute these two. So sorry we missed seeing each other. Hope we can get together soon.