Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

We've had quite a frigid week here in Central Florida. It has been COLD. The temps have been in the 30's for three nights in a row and that is not something we are used to around here.

It's the kind of cold that allowed me to introduce my children to frost on the grass. And to watch them delight in being able to see their breath. It's meant we've had to pull out the fleece pajamas from Christmas to keep their snuggly bodies extra warm at night. And, it means Abby gets to dress up in warm sweaters - courtesy of her sweet friend Sherilyn who just gave us some great hand-me-downs...

Abby really wanted to wear this sweater dress, but it was so cold that we had to put it with some jeans to keep her legs warm!

I wore a scarf that day and Abby loved it so much that she had stolen it from me by mid-morning!

She told me, "Well, the blue really matches my eyes, Mama. I think I should wear it to keep my neck really warm."

The children were supposed to wear their hats and mittens to preschool today because the teachers had a surprise for them -

It snowed today!! Oh, they had so much fun playing in the "snow."

And, Abby got to make her first ever snow angel. So sad that it had to be in styrofoam rather than real snow.

But, not sad enough to make me want to move North!

Because the temperature should be in the 70s by tomorrow afternoon and this is one native Floridian who can't wait for it to warm up a bit!

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