Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet as Sugar

My Abby Grace. Sweet as sugar.

She is a lot of things for only being 4 years old. Of course, she would correct me to say that she is actually 4 1/2. But, we all know I'm in no rush for her to get any closer to 5.

Anyway, like I was saying, my Abby Grace packs a lot of personality into her tiny body. She is smart, strong, funny, sassy, motivated, outgoing - honestly, it feels kind of silly to list her qualities this way. Just one word, like each one of them is just a simple description. I could write pages about each of these qualities. Examples and anecdotes to illustrate just how complex and wonderful she is. There is one thing about Abby that Matt and I always come back to though. One thing that stands above all the rest.

Her heart.

My daughter has the most loving heart. The most giving soul. The most thoughtful and sweet and intuitive and caring spirit that I have ever known. At only 4 years old (4 1/2), she continually amazes us with her love for others.

She really loves people. Really develops special relationships with others far beyond the ability of a typical 4 year old. She remembers you. Remembers what you like, remembers stories or jokes you have told, remembers games that you played together. Remembers what is important to you and what is going on in your life at the moment.

She tries to make everyone happy. For example, I always joke with her about not wanting her to grow up. She knows I am kidding, but she also realizes there is some truth to it too. She'll say things like, "Don't forget - when I grow up you get to meet my babies." And the other day she explained how she would always live close by, "I'll move into the next neighborhood with my family. When someone in our neighborhood moves away, just call me on the phone and tell me which house it is. I will run over here and get the house and then I can always live very close to you. Just don't forget to call me right away so someone else doesn't get to that house first!"

There is another story that I was reminded of tonight that really gives a glimpse into her heart. One afternoon, Matt was in the playroom with Abby while I was helping Drew with some homework. All of a sudden, I heard her crying - loudly sobbing. I ran back to the playroom to find out what was wrong. I was sure she had been badly hurt.

I opened the door to find her sitting in Matt's lap and he was holding a book.

The Giving Tree.

I asked what was wrong and Matt simply explained, "the book made her sad." In between sobs, she emphatically denied this. She kept insisting she was "just tired." She ran out of the room.

Matt explained further, "As I kept reading the book, I could tell she was just getting sadder and sadder. Her face was changing and I could just see that she was really upset. Finally I told her that I thought everything was going to be ok. That was when she started sobbing. I couldn't console her. That's when you came in."

Abby wouldn't admit it, but that book had broken her little heart. At only 4 years old, Abby consistently shows a level of empathy for people that I rarely even see in adults. She understands people's emotions. She is always thoughtful and loving and generous when it comes to interacting with other children and adults.

She wants to get to know you. She wants to talk to you about anything and everything. She has instant connections with people that she meets. And some are even more special than others. For example, my Papa and my Grammy. For some reason, she just has this special place in her heart for them. Of course, they are my grandparents and they are family so we would expect her to love them. But there is something different there - a special love she has for them. We rarely ever get to see them, but she asks about them all the time and wants to know how they are doing and when she will see them again.

This past Saturday we took the kids to a Gator football game. During the 4th quarter, we had tickets to go sit in the box with Matt's company. As soon as we walked in, Matt introduced us to one of his co-workers, Sophia. Right away, Abby was smitten. There was an instant connection. After a few minutes, we went down to sit in the seats and watch the game. Next thing I knew, Abby was asking to go back up the stairs. Matt thought she wanted a snack, but I knew immediately where she was going. She wanted to talk to Miss Sophia. Sure enough, I found her a few minutes later sitting at a table and chatting away with Miss Sophia. She was in her element and happy as a clam. What's the big deal about a football game when there is girl talk to be had?

Matt later told me that Sophia said to Abby, "When I have a daughter, I want her to be exactly like you."

Oh, my sweet Abby Grace. I am so proud of your heart of gold. There are so many qualities about you to love. So many moments that take my breath away.

I am so grateful for the privilege of being your Mama.

So very grateful that you are mine.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is sooo cute! Almost what I want my daughter to be like.. Ma'am, you are BLESSED to have such beautiful children! Though I will admit I feel somewhat like a stalker for reading your blog haha Wow.. Congratulations and may God be with you and your family at all times :]

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness Amy! Abby is such a sweet little girl! We reaaly hope to see her again soon (and you too!) I know her dear friend Averee misses her!

Nadia :) said...

once again, your words have touched my heart. :)
What a gem your kids will have when they get older to appreciate these blogs. <3