Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Easily Entertained

I love my camera. I have always loved pictures and scrapbooking. I have kept scrapbooks filled with photos and memorabilia ever since high school. Back then, all I needed was construction paper, fancy scissors, and Elmer's glue.

I took my hobby to a whole new level once Drew and Abby came along. I love scrapbooking - documenting the memories, being creative, time spent with friends - all of it makes me so happy.

I also love taking pictures of my kids. I got my first digital camera when I was pregnant with Drew. Several cameras later, I finally have a digital SLR that I LOVE! I have had it for a year and a half and I have taken well over 10,000 pictures with it. I still only use it on the automatic setting (gasp!), but the quality of my pictures has drastically improved and it is even more fun to edit and scrapbook them!

Recently, I was editing the pictures from Abby's last day of preschool. That morning, we had gone to pick up cupcakes (decorated with little graduation caps) for the class. I took this photo of Abby with one of the cupcakes.

The colors in the photo are a little too warm, so I was trying to edit the picture to balance out the color. It was then that I noticed something...

Do you see it too?

No, it's not just those sweet freckles that are beginning to appear on her nose. However, I have fond memories of my Dad counting my freckles when I was a little girl, so I do the same thing with Abby. And, it's not her birthmark that becomes more prominent when she is really happy or really upset. Cupcakes make this little girl VERY happy!

It's something wrong with her pretty, blue eyes. There is a speck of orange in them. What in the world is that?

It's me! I was wearing an orange shirt that day. You can clearly see my reflection in her blue eyes.

This made me laugh out loud!

Obviously, I am easily entertained...

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