Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If You Say So...

Today was Drew's First Grade Halloween party. Well, it was really a "Pumpkin Party" because we aren't supposed to mention Halloween at school. It was also Wacky Hair Day so that made things exceptionally interesting.

I got to plan the party with my newest friend and co-room mom, Belinda. She is an amazing photographer (and really cool chick). These are just two of the photos she took today with her snazzy, fancy camera. I heart them.

I also heart the little boy who explained the origin of Halloween to me on the way to school today.

"You know, Mom, a long time ago people were really afraid of ghosts. So AFRAID of them that they would hide in their houses and be afraid to come out. So, all the people dressed up in costumes to scare the ghosts away. Do you hear me, Mom? They SCARED the ghosts away. And they left food for the ghosts by the door to make them happy. So, I guess they were scared and a little happy. But, anyway, that is why we have Halloween. But, don't worry, we don't have ghosts anymore. This was a LONG time ago."

"Wow, Drew! Who told you all of that?"

"Handy Manny."


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